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Self Leveling Flooring Company in Dubai

Self-leveling coating is a floor  that forms a smooth and level surface on top. This coating gives a seamless look on the floor completely. 

It is good for industrial settings as there can be plenty of vehicle traffic, residential buildings, and healthcare environments. Self leveling epoxy coating has several benefits. 

It is extremely strong, specially formulated to give a smooth and even surface. It can even stand up to large machinery like steamrollers driven over it and also it stands against chemicals. Self-leveling epoxy doesn’t need much attention as it is easy to clean. 

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Best Self Leveling Flooring Company in Dubai

Self-leveling epoxy coating pours the product on the floor and by using a trowel, the product will be spread. When you do so, you will get the actual thickness you wanted. Thicker coating is beneficial in such a way that it gives great resistance to chemicals. Workers who have training and experience in self-leveling epoxy can apply this coating.

To achieve a smooth base for floor coverings, Samtech, the best self leveling flooring company in Dubai provides a flexible, fast curing solution that works on a range of substrates. A self-leveling underlayer is an absolute must for a smooth and solid finishing floor to get the best results.

Samtech uses innovative self-leveling compounds designed to save flooring contractors’ valuable time and money. With less dust, less odour and a walk time of less than two hours, Samtech Self-Leveling floor is the perfect choice for preparing your subfloor. 


  • Easy to use
  • Heals quickly
  • Flexibility: Suitable for a wide variety of substrate applications from concrete and sand/cement screeds to stone, rigid metal and wood.
  • Fiber Reinforced: Many composites are reinforced with fibre for crack bridging and flexibility.
  • Polymer Modified: Cementitious composites have high polymer content for better adhesion strength.
  • Protein-free: Many compounds are suitable for use in occupied, hygiene-sensitive areas where low odour is required.
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