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Micro Topping is a type of decorative concrete surface treatment that involves applying a thin layer of a specially formulated concrete mixture over an existing concrete surface. This mixture is typically made up of a combination of Portland cement, fine aggregates, and polymer resins. The surface is then finished and sealed to create a smooth, durable, and attractive surface that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as floors, countertops, and walls. Micro Topping services typically include surface preparation, application of the Micro Topping mixture, and finishing and sealing of the surface.

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Best Micro Topping Services in Dubai

Our company is the best Dubai based company providing best flooring services to customers; Here are some points to clarify.
  • Our micro topping floor splits provide a superior finish with filling quality.
  • The concrete topping floor Dubai services we provide throughout the UAE are fair and premium quality.
  • We are available round the clock with our excellent floor services to give you a straightforward approach.
  • Our team of expert installers provide flooring services and guide you to the best experience.
  • We are the only micro-topping suppliers in Dubai that offer unlimited shades for your floor.We always include a free catalog with your package so you can choose the best shades for your space.
  • The micro topping flooring that we offer is the best quality material and you can choose from thousands of shades to add a beautiful element to your interior.
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