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Badminton Court Construction

Samtech is one of the best Badminton Court Construction Company in Dubai.Our fixed domes provide an affordable alternative to permanent buildings for badminton courts.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your offering to include all-weather badminton courts or upgrade existing facilities with brand new covers, we can help.
We can provide a structure to your exact specifications, and if you need help building your badminton courts from scratch, we can prepare the foundations for you, install pavilions and surface courts, install lights and nets.

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Badminton Court Construction Company in Dubai

All-weather Badminton

Badminton is usually played indoors because the wind affects the flight of the shuttlecock, which has a ‘skirt’ made of feathers or plastic attached to a cork or foam base to drag it through the air.
Whether you need a small dome for a single court or a large cover for a series of courts, we can provide covers to suit all types of badminton courts.

We the best badminton construction company in Dubai offer telescopic covers and multi-use sports halls.

Safe and long lasting

All our badminton structures are designed to comply with British Standard Building Regulations, while high tensile steel frames offer protection against corrosion. Glulam wood frames are also available.

Fire doors are also included, while dome covers are made of heavy-duty, flame retardant, PVC-coated polyester fabric.

Badminton court construction & layout

If you are looking for the best badminton court construction company in Dubai we help you to build covered courts from scratch, we offer a full badminton court construction service from help with planning, bespoke design, installation and maintenance. We will advise on surfaces prior to installation and help ensure all measurements are compliant with regulations.

Badminton court layout

Standard badminton courts are rectangular, with a full width of 6.1 meters and a full length of 13.4 meters. They are divided into two parts by a 1.55 meter high net.
Badminton courts are usually marked for singles and doubles play, with the exception of some designed for singles matches only.
Like a tennis court, each half of a badminton court contains a left and right service box. However, in badminton, these boxes are located at the back of the court rather than at the front on either side of the net.
Each half consists of a short service line 1.98 meters from the net and, for doubles matches only, a service line 0.76 meters from the back boundary.
In singles games, the long service line sits on the back boundary, while the sidelines reduce the width of the court to 5.18 meters.

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