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Screed work will give a leveled surface for the floor when it is applied to a concrete surface. Screeding is an act of applying a well-blended mixture of cementitious materials and sand to the concrete floor. It is the base for the floor finish which can be divided into different types like Unbonded screed floor, Bonded screed floor, Floating screed floor, Heated screed floor etc. 

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Screed work is not an easy process as the entire steps are important in determining the quality, finish and durability of the floors. Samtech offers screed flooring service all over UAE. We consider several factors before doing the screed work such as the right floor screed mixture, correct placement process and the right approach to protect the screed floor etc. Getting screed work done is not so easy. Only the experts in screed work can complete the work by giving attention to minor details. Samtech has efficient workers to deliver screed work at a reasonable price.

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