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Padel Court Construction

Samtech is the Best Padel Court Construction Company in Dubai.Are you thinking about building a paddle court? With extensive experience and unique expertise in the development and installation of paddle courts, we can help you find the best solution based on your needs and circumstances. We do installation of outdoor and indoor courts.

We at Samtech can help you with the entire concept – from planning, to groundwork, to a ready-to-use paddle court. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice, cost suggestions or any other questions about your upcoming paddle project.



Best Padel Court Construction Company in Dubai

Padel is becoming more and more popular as a sport and the demand for padel courts has never been higher. Created with blue artificial turf, the 20×10 meter court takes up one-third the space of a full-sized tennis court.

The enclosure allows the ball to rebound to other parts of the court, so appropriate turf is needed to minimize rebound. Discover all the advantages of converting to padel, as well as all the services Samtech offers you to design, manufacture and install turn-key paddle courts, a special patent that reduces maintenance costs.

Padel is a friendly and familiar sport and is indicated for people of all ages as it does not require special physical or athletic skills. 

It is easy to learn because it is a simplified version of tennis, it can be easily practiced after a few exchanges: between friends, in the family, at any age, not necessarily champions!

Samtech provides a selection of different padel court models that can be modified to suit the needs of our clients.We specialize in installing courts for sports and tennis clubs and private residences.

We work with our clients with an attention to detail that makes each padel court we install unique, beautiful and structurally strong. We provide you with calculations, drawings and details to meet city codes and wind load requirements.

For complete paddle court construction information and to learn more about our different padelbox court models, contact us Speak to one of our experienced sales manager.

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